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Bon Bons sweets

Sweet Heaven have just discovered 3 new flavours of bon bons which are not currently advertised on our website, but will be on there next week, however, we couldnt wait but to let you know in advance of these 3 exciting new flavours.  There are soft chocolate and caramel, toffee and caramel and strawberry and creme.  Bon bons of this nature have not been seen before and are simply delicious, however you will have to wait for another week to order these online, however, if you can’t wait that long, give Sweet Heaven a call on 01527 526250 for an advance order!  Bon bons sweets have been around for many years now and this is just a new twist on the classic sweet for you to sample and see if you want to come back for more.  You can simply order 200 grammes for £1.99 which includes the delivery charge if you just fancy trying some or you can order as much as you like and the delivery charge is still free.