Sweets from your School Days

We all loved being at school, well maybe not at the time, but once you leave you wish you were back there. When ever I think back I also remember certain things, like the sweets from your school days.

The sweets from your school days are something I will never forget. A quarter of my favourite sweets when sweet shops were full of jars and you could not see the shop walls behind them, as every shelf was crammed to the brim with delightful sweets.

The sweet shop owner would collect the jars and empty the sweets into the scale and say “a quarter of“… it  maybe have been your favourite “fudge” or “bonbons”, either way the sweet shop owner will have had an ever lasting memory of your sweet experience.

Sweets from your School Days

Assorted Bonbons

Assorted Bonbons Liquirice Allsorts