Sweet shops

Where do you go to find genuine old fashioned sweet shops just how they used to be and how you remember them from your school days.  Do you get ready and get in the car and travel for miles to the nearest town and hope that there is one there or to one of your local shopping centres and pay for parking and then search around to find on or do you do what most people do nowadays and search on the internet?  If you are trying to find some old fashioned sweets just like the ones you used to have when you were young in the sweet shops that used to be around years ago, then the best thing to do is to just type sweets into google and the most relevant sweet shops will appear in the top few searches, with Sweet Heaven online being one of them.  We have searched for a long time to find old fashioned sweets just like the way you would remember them and from all the original manufacturers so that they have been made in the traditional way to bring you all of the flavours that you would expect from genuine old fashioned sweets, if you want to relive some of those memories or you have been searching for some good sweet shops then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and take advantage of our free delivery services within the UK.