Retro Sweets

An increased appetite for retro sweets has made Sweet Heaven, possibly the UK’s largest online sweet shop, see a huge increase in the sales of its sweets over the Christmas period of 2010.

It seems that people feel very nostalgic about confectionery and reminding themselves of happy times during their childhood is a key element tothe success of Sweet Heaven. Online sweet shops seems to popping up every time we search in Google but the true original sweet shops like Sweet Heaven stand out from the rest.

Why are sweet sales on the increase?, the recession seems to be making people reminisce about the past, and this has helped increase the popularity of retro sweets within the UK.

Confectionery in Britain has being a slow development throughout the decades, boiled sweets being introduced in the 1920′s, 1950′ brought us Sherbet, the 1960′s Chewy sweets and old fashioned saying ‘a quarter of’.

Then to the 1980′s brought us favourite term ‘pick and mix’ of which we all remember.

Retro Sweets

You cannot miss Retro Sweets, even the supermarkets have cashed in on the retro sweets trend selling the old favourites such as Black Jacks, Mint Imperials and Flying Saucers. But these do not compare to the sweets from Sweet Heaven in any way. Sweet Heavens hand picked sweets are the best quality sweets available.