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Sweets From Heaven

The best old fashioned sweets online can be found at Sweet Heaven. The true traditional online sweet shop. With every sweet you can think of Sweet Heaven has a all your old fashioned favourite sweets.

Old School Sweets from the past just like we all remember them can be purchased today at Sweet Heavens online sweet store.



Why not take a look now at Sweet Heaven and see what memories come back.

Sweets from your School Days

We all loved being at school, well maybe not at the time, but once you leave you wish you were back there. When ever I think back I also remember certain things, like the sweets from your school days.

The sweets from your school days are something I will never forget. A quarter of my favourite sweets when sweet shops were full of jars and you could not see the shop walls behind them, as every shelf was crammed to the brim with delightful sweets.

The sweet shop owner would collect the jars and empty the sweets into the scale and say “a quarter of“… it  maybe have been your favourite “fudge” or “bonbons”, either way the sweet shop owner will have had an ever lasting memory of your sweet experience.

Sweets from your School Days

Assorted Bonbons

Assorted Bonbons Liquirice Allsorts

New Year Resolution

Every year we break new year resolution’s and normally by the 2nd of January,

Well this year why not have a New Year resolution that is easy to keep.

This Year I will only buy Sweets from Sweet Heaven“.

We believe 2011 will be a great year as the UK fights out the economic problems we have faced for the last few years.

So lets celebrate this with sweets. Sweet sales have been growing during the recession and we believe this is due to people wanting to feel good and old fashioned sweets sure hit the spot.

2011 New Year

Winter Warmer Sweets

UK snowed in

What with UK being snowedin and everyone at home in the cold looking out of window at people clearing the road to see if they may be able to get the car out on Monday morning to attempt to get to work.

Well those of you that brought some winter warmer sweets like army & navy cough sweetscan be enjoying the cold weather in the comfort of your home with some winter warmer sweets, that are all so perfect for the festive cough that seems to becoming an epidemic with the UK.

Army & Navy Cough Sweets

Well here at Sweet Heaven we are still working hard to get sweet orders wrapped and ready to send so if you ordered your Christmas sweets from us you can be sure that we are doing all we can to keep up with the delivery’s even with the snow.

Retro Sweets

An increased appetite for retro sweets has made Sweet Heaven, possibly the UK’s largest online sweet shop, see a huge increase in the sales of its sweets over the Christmas period of 2010.

It seems that people feel very nostalgic about confectionery and reminding themselves of happy times during their childhood is a key element tothe success of Sweet Heaven. Online sweet shops seems to popping up every time we search in Google but the true original sweet shops like Sweet Heaven stand out from the rest.

Why are sweet sales on the increase?, the recession seems to be making people reminisce about the past, and this has helped increase the popularity of retro sweets within the UK.

Confectionery in Britain has being a slow development throughout the decades, boiled sweets being introduced in the 1920′s, 1950′ brought us Sherbet, the 1960′s Chewy sweets and old fashioned saying ‘a quarter of’.

Then to the 1980′s brought us favourite term ‘pick and mix’ of which we all remember.

Retro Sweets

You cannot miss Retro Sweets, even the supermarkets have cashed in on the retro sweets trend selling the old favourites such as Black Jacks, Mint Imperials and Flying Saucers. But these do not compare to the sweets from Sweet Heaven in any way. Sweet Heavens hand picked sweets are the best quality sweets available.

Christmas Shopping in 2010

Who ever said there was a lack of spending expected for Christmas of 2010 must have got it all wrong. Just like the weather forecasts get it wrong so the the money predictors.

Christmas of 2010 has seen an increase in sales both online and in stores. The Christmas boom is sparked by many stores having what seems to be new year sales before Christmas. What ever the reason, the shoppers are responding well.

Sweet sales have increased this year over last year and it seems that Sweet Hampers are becoming a very popular gift for Christmas.

Beat the Christmas Panic

This Christmas rather than standing waiting in line to pay for goods why not pay online and buy your Christmas gifts from Sweet Heaven.

Christmas Gift

Go to Sweet Heaven and take a look at the lovely range of Sweets they have in gift boxes and hampers.

Don’t forget that Sweet Heaven offer next day delivery.

Sweet Hosting Success

Sweet Heaven is heavily realiant on a good quality web hosting service. The sitehas to run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Zero downtime means happy customers and our hosting provider has to chosen carefully. It is for this reason that we investigate our hosting provider carefully.

Hosting Providers such as FastVision are UK based and operate the high quality hosting service that a large online shop needs.

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The New Sweet Forum

Sweet Heaven has just had developed a sweet forum. The idea is to bring all the sweet lovers together on one website to enable sweet chat and for sweet heaven to be able to improve and improve. The new sweet forum is still in its infant stage of life so get involved.

Is there are anything you would want to see on a sweet forum, if so drop us an email.

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Essence Fashion

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Old Fashioned Favourites

Flying Saucers, Sherbet Fountains, Anglo Bubbly, Blackjacks, Fruit Salad Chews, Catherine Wheels, Lovehearts, Cherry Lips, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Candy Bananas, Gobstoppers, Parma Violets, Wine Gums, Rainbow Dust, Gray’s Herbal Tablets, Highland Toffee, Liquorice Whips…

Sweet Heaven supply a full range of old fashioned sweets

Buy the best old fashioned sweets and candy at discount wholesale prices with cheapest delivery. Sweet Heaven is one of the web’s biggest suppliers of Retro Sweets, Liquorice, Jars of Sweets and Party Treats.

Visit the Sweet Heaven online sweetshop to find out more!

Sweet Heaven sell sweets in such large quantities that our stock is not sitting on the shelves going out of date. We are one of the largest sweet retailers in the UK. Our huge stocks of every kind of sweet you can imagine with the added advantage of a fast and free delivery service.